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Bobby Garland Crappie Baits At Winding Creek Bait and Tackle

  • Bobby Garland 2'' Baby Shad

    The perfect combination of a solid body and a thin spear-tail for enticing crappie. | Colors: Albino Shad, Baby Bass(Lam), Baby Crawdad (Lam), Bayou Booger (Lam), BBQ Chicken(Lam), Black Gum, Black Night 18 pk, Bleeding Shad, Blue Chrome, Blue Ice (Lam), Blue Pearl (Lam), Blue Thunder (Lam), Blueback Shad, Bluegrass (Lam), Bone White/Chart(Lam), Butter Belly (Lam), Cajun Cricket, Chart-Black Pepper(Lam), Chart/Red Glitter(Lam), Chartreuse Silver, Crystal (Lam), Diamond Mist, Double Silver Rainbow, Dreamsicle Delight(Lam), Eclipse, Electric Chicken (Lam), Full Moon, Glacier, Glitter Critter, Green Banana, Green Hornet(Lam), Gumdrop(Lam), Halo(Lam), Hologram Ghost (Lam), Hot Lips, Ice Out, Indigo Sky, Key Lime Pie (Lam), Kiwi (Lam), Licorice Chart Pearl, Lights Out!, Live Minnow, Mayfly, Midge, Mo Glo Green Lantern, Mo Glo Monkey Milk, Mo Glo Shadow Glo, Mo' Glo Blue Ghost, Mo' Glo Devils Grin, Mo' Glo Electric Chick, Mo' Glo Ghastly Minnow, Mo' Glo Ghost, Mo' Glo Outlaw Special, Mo' Glo Pink Phantom, Mo' Glo Screamer, Mo' Glo Sunrise, Mo' Glo Sunset, Mo' Glo Twilight, Monkey Milk, Natural Cricket, Neon Prism, Opening Night (Lam), Patriot(Lam), Pearl Chartreuse, Pearl White, Penny Black, Pink Lemonade, Pink Pearl (Lam), Purple Passion, Rainbow(Lam), Red Thunder, Red/Chart Silver (Lam), Shimer Shad, Smoke Silver, Sweet Tea w/Lemon, Tadpole, Threadfin Shad, Tuxedo Shimmer(Lam), Vegas (Lam), Watermelon Wine(Lam) | Item ID: GLBS123, GLBS141, GLBS142, GLBS143, GLBS144, GLBS145, GLBS146, GLBS147, GLBS148, GLBS149, GLBS150, GLBS151, GLBS152, GLBS153, GLBS158, GLBS177, GLBS179, GLBS1809, GLBS181, GLBS182, GLBS183, GLBS1905, GLBS191, GLBS195, GLBS196, GLBS200, GLBS201, GLBS202, GLBS203, GLBS204, GLBS206, GLBS219, GLBS222, GLBS279, GLBS280, GLBS281, GLBS295, GLBS296, GLBS297, GLBS298, GLBS305, GLBS311, GLBS312, GLBS313, GLBS325, GLBS326, GLBS327, GLBS329, GLBS33, GLBS336, GLBS346, GLBS347, GLBS348, GLBS350, GLBS369, GLBS370, GLBS371, GLBS376, GLBS377, GLBS378, GLBS379, GLBS380, GLBS382, GLBS383, GLBS384, GLBS385, GLBS63, GLBS65, GLBS92, GLMGBS12718, GLMGBS12818, GLMGBS12918, GLMGBS18718, GLMGBS24718, GLMGBS248, GLMGBS249, GLMGBS28418, GLMGBS28518, GLMGBS37218, GLMGBS4318

    Price: $2.99 - $3.59

    # Of Colors: 80

  • Bobby Garland 2'' SwimMinnow

    The best swimming tail on the market in a crappie minnow bait. | Colors: Blue Ice, Blue Thunder, Bluegrass, Chartreuse Silver, Crystal, Electric Chicken, Firecracker, Pearl Chartreuse, Pearl White, Purple Mist | Item ID: GL2SM142, GL2SM148, GL2SM159, GL2SM181, GL2SM219, GL2SM32, GL2SM33, GL2SM336, GL2SM63, GL2SM65

    Price: $4.09

    # Of Colors: 10

  • Bobby Garland Itty Bit Swimr

    With a name longer than its length, this tiny Swim'R starts every day with a chip on its shoulders to prove it can catch them big and small year 'round. | Colors: 1.25'' Blue Thunder 25pk, 1.25'' Bluegrass 25pk, 1.25'' Cajun Cricket 25pk, 1.25'' Chartreuse Red Gl 20p, 1.25'' Crystal Lam 25pk, 1.25'' Electric Chicken 25pk, 1.25'' Glacier 25pk, 1.25'' Lights Out 25pk, 1.25'' Monkey Milk 25pk, 1.25'' Pearl White 25pk | Item ID: GLIBS14225, GLIBS14825, GLIBS14925, GLIBS18125, GLIBS19525, GLIBS20325, GLIBS21925, GLIBS31125, GLIBS31325, GLIBS6525

    Price: $3.49

    # Of Colors: 10

  • Bobby Garland 1.5'' Crappie

    Compact, streamlined and aerodynamic, the Crappie Shooter is the perfect shooting/skipping bait. But its realistic shad-shape makes it a deadly lure fore whatever your fishing style. Rig it flat for shooting, and a darting, gliding fall. Rig it upright for a larger profile and for jigging or casting. | Colors: Shooter Black/Hot Pink, Shooter Blue Ice, Shooter Cajun Cricket, Shooter Ele Chicken, Shooter Glacier, Shooter Lights Out, Shooter Live Minnow, Shooter Monky Milk, Shooter Threadfin Shad | Item ID: GLCS0364, GLCS191, GLCS195, GLCS203, GLCS219, GLCS311, GLCS313, GLCS336, GLCS369

    Price: $3.59

    # Of Colors: 9

  • Bobby Garland 2.5'' Stroll'R

    Stroll it. Troll it. Cast it. Jig it. No other crappie bait has this much action from head to tail. | Colors: Blk/Chart Silver/Chart, Blk/Hot Pink, Blue Thunder, Bluegrass, Electric Chicken, Monkey Milk, Neon Prism, Pumpkin Seed | Item ID: GLSR142, GLSR181, GLSR203, GLSR219, GLSR303, GLSR364, GLSR379, GLSR8763

    Price: $3.29 - $3.80

    # Of Colors: 8

  • Bobby Garland Slab Dockt'R

    Although bulked up and shaped especially for skipping under docks, this large profile bait with twin kicker tails brings a new level of performance to all crappie techniques. | Colors: 2.5'' Blue Ice, 2.5'' Blue Thunder, 2.5'' Bluegrass, 2.5'' Chartreuse Silver, 2.5'' ElectricChicken, 2.5'' Licorice/ChartPrl, 2.5'' Lights Out, 2.5'' Monkey Milk, 2.5'' Outlaw Special, 2.5'' Pearl White, 2.5'' Threadfin Shad | Item ID: GLDR142, GLDR150, GLDR181, GLDR187, GLDR191, GLDR203, GLDR219, GLDR311, GLDR33, GLDR336, GLDR65

    Price: $3.59 - $3.89

    # Of Colors: 11

  • Bobby Garland SlabHunt'r Min

    The 2.25" Slab Hunt'R Minnow incorporates a unique tail design that affords the easiest swimming action ever for a soft plastic crappie bait retrieved at even super slow speeds, and it has body features that make it "rattle ready" and "scent ready" for optional accessorizing. These combinations, plus the larger profile, make the Slab Hunt'R the ultimate spider rigging and long-line trolling bait because it serves up sight, sound and smell in a minnow imitation with great colors. | Colors: 2.25'' Blue Ice, 2.25'' Bluegill Fire, 2.25'' Bluegrass, 2.25'' Bone White Chart, 2.25'' Bright White, 2.25'' Cajun Cricket, 2.25'' Electric Chick, 2.25'' Grenada Gold, 2.25'' Horse Fly, 2.25'' Junebug Chart, 2.25'' Lights Out, 2.25'' Live Minnow, 2.25'' Monkey Milk, 2.25'' Pearl Chart, 2.25'' Threadfin Shad | Item ID: GLSH063, GLSH181, GLSH191, GLSH195, GLSH203, GLSH219, GLSH287, GLSH291, GLSH311, GLSH336, GLSH369, GLSH375, GLSH4863, GLSH810, GLSH905

    Price: $3.29 - $3.80

    # Of Colors: 15

  • Bobby Garland 2.25'' Mind'r

    Tip it with a live minnow or fish it as is. This unique twin-tailed crappie catcher provides color, flash and hook-holding security to a live minnow. | Colors: Bed Bug, Black Widow, Dragonfly, Firefly, Silverfish | Item ID: GLMM237, GLMM240, GLMM242, GLMM243, GLMM246

    Price: $3.39 - $3.89

    # Of Colors: 5

  • Bobby Garland Pile Diver

    The Pile Diver is designed for tantalizing action in and around a crappie's favorite hideout - the brush pile. The Pile Diver's arms provide a subtle quivering action whether on the move or at rest. Its ribbed body vibrates upon contact with limbs. The lure's streamer-like legs tickle any crappie's fancy. | Colors: Black/Hot Pink, Blue Ice, Bluegrass, Cajun Cricket, Chartreuse Red Glitter, Electric Chicken, Glacier, Lights Out, Monkey Milk, Pearl White, Threadfin Shad | Item ID: GLDV036410, GLDV14910, GLDV18110, GLDV19110, GLDV19510, GLDV20310, GLDV21910, GLDV31110, GLDV31310, GLDV33610, GLDV6510

    Price: $3.89

    # Of Colors: 11

  • Bobby Garland BabyShadSwim'r

    A segmented swimming version of America's favorite crappie bait - the Baby Shad - featuring a tight-action swim tail and a special Scent Channel in the belly for optional scent application | Colors: 2.25'' Bleeding Shad, 2.25'' Blue Chrome, 2.25'' Blue Ice, 2.25'' Blue Thunder, 2.25'' Bluegrass, 2.25'' Bone White/Chart, 2.25'' Cajun Cricket, 2.25'' Chart/RedGlitter, 2.25'' Crystal, 2.25'' Diamond Dust, 2.25'' Eclipse, 2.25'' Electric Chicken, 2.25'' First Light, 2.25'' Full Moon, 2.25'' Glacier, 2.25'' Glitter Critter, 2.25'' Glo Boy, 2.25'' Green Banana, 2.25'' Ice Out!, 2.25'' Key Lime Pie, 2.25'' Licorice/Chart Pearl, 2.25'' Lights Out!, 2.25'' Live Minnow, 2.25'' Mayfly, 2.25'' Midge, 2.25'' Monkey Milk, 2.25'' Neon Prizm, 2.25'' Patriot, 2.25'' Pearl White, 2.25'' Pink Lemonade, 2.25'' Purple Passion, 2.25'' Sweet Tea w/Lemon 15p, 2.25'' Tadpole, 2.25'' Threadfin Shad | Item ID: GLBSSW142, GLBSSW143, GLBSSW148, GLBSSW149, GLBSSW150, GLBSSW181, GLBSSW183, GLBSSW1905, GLBSSW191, GLBSSW195, GLBSSW203, GLBSSW206, GLBSSW219, GLBSSW311, GLBSSW312, GLBSSW313, GLBSSW318, GLBSSW319, GLBSSW326, GLBSSW327, GLBSSW329, GLBSSW336, GLBSSW346, GLBSSW347, GLBSSW350, GLBSSW369, GLBSSW370, GLBSSW371, GLBSSW376, GLBSSW377, GLBSSW378, GLBSSW379, GLBSSW380, GLBSSW65

    Price: $2.99 - $3.59

    # Of Colors: 34

  • Bobby Garland 2'' Slab Slay'

    The perfect combination of a solid body and a thin spear-tail for enticing crappie | Colors: Black/Chartreuse Silver, Black/Hot Pink, Blue Ice, Bone White/Chartreuse, Bone White/Pearl White, Cajun Cricket, Chartreuse Silver/Chart, Double Silver Rainbow, Electric Chicken (Lam), Pink Lemonade, Pumpkinseed/Pearl Chart, Red/Chartreuse Silver, Red/Pearl White, Sweet Tea w/Lemon, Tadpole | Item ID: GL2SS0303, GL2SS0364, GL2SS153, GL2SS1809, GL2SS1865, GL2SS1905, GL2SS195, GL2SS1965, GL2SS219, GL2SS3305, GL2SS336, GL2SS346, GL2SS347, GL2SS350, GL2SS8763

    Price: $3.09 - $3.49

    # Of Colors: 15

  • Bobby Garland 2.5'' Scent Wi

    Scent is cooked in to this dancing minnow imitation. Use it on a jig as is, or separate the segments and use any piece to add color and scent to any crappie jig. Works great with the Minnow Mind'R. | Colors: Flo White Sparkle, Mo Glo Blue Ghost, Mo Glo Electric Chicken, Mo Glo Ghost, Mo Glo Outlaw Special, Mo Glo Sunrise, Threadfin Shad | Item ID: GLMGSW128, GLMGSW187, GLMGSW247, GLMGSW249, GLMGSW43, GLSW191, GLSW252

    Price: $3.19 - $3.59

    # Of Colors: 7

  • Bobby Garland Mo'Glo Jighead

    1/8 oz Mo' Glo Ghost | Colors: 1/16 oz Mo' Glo Blue 10pk, 1/16 oz Mo' Glo Chartreuse 1, 1/16 oz Mo' Glo Ghost 10pk, 1/16 oz Mo' Glo Pink 10pk, 1/8 oz Mo' Glo Chartreuse 10, 1/8 oz Mo' Glo Ghost, 1/8 oz Mo' Glo Pink 10pk | Item ID: GL116MGH06, GL116MGH17, GL116MGH43, GL116MGH63, GL18MGH06, GL18MGH43, GL18MGH63

    Price: $4.99 - $5.20

    # Of Colors: 7