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  • Spro Little John

    The Little John 50 was designed by B.A.S.S Elite Series Angler John Crews. The Little John 50 has a computer chip bill that is more durable than plastic, a silent weight transfer system using soft tungsten translates into incredibly long casts for a small crankbait. We used the world's sharpest trebles made by Gamakatsu. The Little John crankbaits are the best shallow-running crankbait available and comes in an array of fish-catching colors. | Colors: Blood Craw, Blue Grass Craw, Cell Mate, Chartreuese Blue, Chartreuse Black Back, Chartreuse Nasty, Citrus Shad, Clear Chartreuse, Delta Craw, Fire Craw, Nasty Shad, Old Fire Tiger, Old Glory, Pig Pen, Rootbeer Chartreuse, Spooky Nasty, Spooky Shad, Spring Craw, Sunny Bream, Watermelon Red Craw, Western Chart Black, Western Craw | Item ID: GUSLJ50BCW, GUSLJ50BGC, GUSLJ50CBB, GUSLJ50CBL, GUSLJ50CCH, GUSLJ50CHN, GUSLJ50CMT, GUSLJ50CSD, GUSLJ50DCW, GUSLJ50FRC, GUSLJ50NSD, GUSLJ50OFT, GUSLJ50OGL, GUSLJ50PGP, GUSLJ50RBC, GUSLJ50SCW, GUSLJ50SNB, GUSLJ50SPN, GUSLJ50SPS, GUSLJ50WCB, GUSLJ50WCW, GUSLJ50WRC

    Price: $13.59

    # Of Colors: 22

  • Spro Little John XL 70

    The Little John XL 70 crankbait was designed by B.A.S.S. Elite Series Angler John Crews to be a larger sized hard vibrating crankbait. The larger size and increased diving depth really improve your chances to catch larger trophy bass. The Little John XL 70 crankbait features a soft tungsten weight transfer system that does three things, one increases casting distance, two with increased distance bait stays in the strike zone longer, and three, it has a subtle thumping sound that drives larger fish crazy. Last bust not least the Little John XL 70 comes with sticky sharp Gamakatsu treble hooks that ensure you that once the fish bites they are not getting away. | Colors: Cell Mate, Citrus Shad, Nasty Shad, Spring Craw | Item ID: GUSLJX70CMT, GUSLJX70CSD, GUSLJX70NSD, GUSLJX70SCW

    Price: $13.29 - $14.19

    # Of Colors: 4

  • Spro Fat John 60

    The Fat John 60 crankbait was designed by B.A.S.S. Elite Series Angler John Crews. The unique flat-sided square bill has a shallow diving hunting action that deflects off shallow objects. This action entices shallow bass to track and eat the Fat John 60! Comes with those sticky sharp Gamakatsu treble hooks and in an array of proven fish-catching colors. | Colors: Cell Mate, Chartreuse Black Back, Citrus Shad, Fire Craw, Nasty Shad, Old Fire Tiger, Spooky Nasty, Spring Craw | Item ID: GUSFJ60CBB, GUSFJ60CMT, GUSFJ60CSD, GUSFJ60FRC, GUSFJ60NSD, GUSFJ60OFT, GUSFJ60SCW, GUSFJ60SPN

    Price: $12.79 - $13.59

    # Of Colors: 8