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  • Norman Thin N

    The Thin N is specifically designed with a rolling action and coffin-style lip for use around timber and wood structure. When the bass are shallow and feeding on shad or bluegills, throw a Thin N near some laydowns or a dock. | Colors: Apocalypse, Blk Spltr Back, Blue Gill, Bull Bream, Chart/Black, Chartreuse Shad, Gold SX Shad, Jelly Bean, Nutter Shad, Red Ear, Slick, SX Shad, SX Shad/Chartreuse, Violet Illusion | Item ID: NLTHN139, NLTHN201, NLTHN225, NLTHN253, NLTHN257, NLTHN262, NLTHN263, NLTHN269, NLTHN269CSX, NLTHN269GSX, NLTHN270, NLTHN275, NLTHN294, NLTHNBP21

    Price: $5.19 - $5.79

    # Of Colors: 14

  • Norman Fat Boy

    The Fat Boy is a shallow-bassin' fiend. Cover the surface down to four feet with this hard-wobbling square lip. The stubby nose plows through the water to create extra water displacement to attract bass from greater distances. | Colors: Apocalypse, Chart/Black, Chartreuse SX Shad, Firetiger, Green Craw, Nutter Shad, Red Ear, Sunfish, SX Shad, Tomato Crawfish Green Fleck | Item ID: NLFB150, NLFB220, NLFB225, NLFB253, NLFB262, NLFB269, NLFB269CSX, NLFBB09, NLFBBS093, NLFBNW82

    Price: $5.19 - $6.39

    # Of Colors: 10

  • Norman Little N

    The smaller profile of the Little N can match the hatch in a variety of situations. With a hybrid square/coffin lip, it deflects off cover and triggers reaction strikes from nearby bass. | Colors: Black Splat, Chart/Blue, Chili Bowl, Copper Green, Firetiger, Gold SX Shad, Nutter Shad, Red Ear, Splatter Bass, SX Shad, White Ghost, White/Black | Item ID: NLLN139, NLLN141, NLLN150, NLLN181, NLLN227, NLLN249, NLLN253, NLLN262, NLLN269, NLLN269GSX, NLLN302, NLLNF135

    Price: $5.19 - $5.79

    # Of Colors: 12