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  • Mr Crappie Scizzor Shad Body

    The revolutionary Scizzor Shad by Mr.Crappie is designed to cast, vertical jig or troll! Scizzor Shad has the Mr.Crappie signature balls and twin tails for twice the action! It has a secret port for any type of crappie scent and 3D eyes for a natural shad like presentation! Mr.Crappie and Strike King are #1 in design and producing the most innovative crappie baits ever made! The Mr. Crappie Scizzor Shad is made for wackin' and stackin'! | Colors: Glimmer Blue,, Lime-A-Nator, Osage Orange, Pink Tuxedo, Purple Sage, Refrigerator White, Shiney Hiney, TN Mist, Tuxedo Black | Item ID: SKMRCSZRB183, SKMRCSZRB186, SKMRCSZRB194, SKMRCSZRB223, SKMRCSZRB242, SKMRCSZRB246, SKMRCSZRB247, SKMRCSZRB248, SKMRCSZRB258, SKMRCSZRB41

    Price: $2.49

    # Of Colors: 10

  • Mr Crappie Shadpole

    The Mr. CrappieShadPoleis designed with the darting action of Threadfin Shad and a squigglin' tail like a Tadpole! Great for flippin', dippin', skippin', or shootin'! | Colors: Blue Ice, Cajun Cricket, Chart Shiner, Electric Chicken, Electric Lime, Glimmer Blue, Hot, Junebug-Chart, Osage Orange Glow, Pepper Shad, Pink Tuxedo, Pumpkinsee/Chart Glow, Pumpkinseed/Chart, Punkin Pie, Purple Sage, Red Chili Pepper, Red/Chart Sparkle Glow, Refrigerator White, Refrigerator White Glow, Salt n Pepper, Smokey Shad, Tuxedo Black-Chart, Tuxedo Black/Chart Glow | Item ID: SKMRCSP164, SKMRCSP183, SKMRCSP183G, SKMRCSP186, SKMRCSP186G, SKMRCSP187G, SKMRCSP188, SKMRCSP192, SKMRCSP193, SKMRCSP194, SKMRCSP195, SKMRCSP196, SKMRCSP222, SKMRCSP223, SKMRCSP224, SKMRCSP230, SKMRCSP242, SKMRCSP246G, SKMRCSP41, SKMRCSP48, SKMRCSP48G, SKMRCSP57, SKMRCSP60

    Price: $2.49 - $2.59

    # Of Colors: 23

  • Mr Crappie 2'' LightningShad

    Designed with a 2-inch solid body that has a swimming action of a shad or shiner! Great for casting, fishing vertical, slow trolling and drop shot too! | Colors: Blue Grass, Blue Ice, Chart Red Glitter, Electric Chicken, Glimmer Blue, Refrig White, Salt n Pepper, Smokey Shad, Tuxedo Black- Sparkle Lamina, Tuxedo Black-Chart Laminate | Item ID: SKMRCLS2164, SKMRCLS2180, SKMRCLS2181, SKMRCLS2183, SKMRCLS2184, SKMRCLS2186, SKMRCLS2222, SKMRCLS241, SKMRCLS257, SKMRCLS260

    Price: $2.49 - $2.59

    # Of Colors: 10